Keith Sigg


Angel Investor & Pilot

Keith is an activist Angel Investor. Keith’s passion is applying technology to solve the world’s problems in Energy, Health and Education. He often takes operating roles inside his portfolio having served as CFO and COO to multiple venture and private equity backed companies. He’s a former research fellow at the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and judge of Stanford GSB and engineering student business plans in the GSB course S356, Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities. Founder of SpectraLane, an optical networking company. Keith has been an early investor in companies including public companies One Medical Group, Enphase Energy and others. In addition as a renewable energy and energy storage strategy and policy consultant his clients have included Samsung, Sony, Walmart, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Blackrock, and Solaria. Keith began his career as a Nuclear Naval Officer. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri Rolla, MS in Systems Engineering from Stanford, MBA from Stanford and MS in Nuclear Engineering from the US Department of Energy’s Bettis School. He’s an avid private pilot, EAA Member and STEM mentor for high school students in Marin County.