Program Details

Summer Program Details

Our program offers both an introductory and advanced course. Our Core Class is for you—an extraordinary student eager to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build your business skillset, and stand out in a competitive world.

Our Advanced Class is intended for those who completed the Core Class and includes a deeper dive into business fundamentals and an option to launch your own venture.

Summer Program Details:

  • When: June – August (2 weeks, 5 days per week)
  • Times: 2-hour sessions
  • Classes: Core Class and Advanced Class

If you have any questions about our Hacking Entrepreneurship program, feel free to send our team a message!

Core Class: Sessions

DURATION 2 weeks x 5 days a week
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LOCATION Virtual via Zoom
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Advanced Course: Sessions

DURATION 4 weeks x 3 days a week (M, W, F)
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LOCATION Virtual via Zoom
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Hacking Entrepreneurship: Core Class

INTRO:          How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

SKILL #1:      How to Spot Opportunities Others Miss

SKILL #2:      How to Manage Speed

SKILL #3:      How to Make Fast and Informed Decisions

SKILL #4:      How to Turn Setbacks into Successes

SKILL #5:      How to Network Minds

SKILL #6:      How to Build a Culture of Collaboration

FINAL:           Shark Tank: Your Time to Shine!

Hacking Entrepreneurship: Advanced Class

Our Advanced Class is for those who have completed the Core Class and includes a deeper dive into business fundamentals and an option to launch your own venture.

Returning students will build on what they’ve learned in the Core Class and learn what it takes to start and run a small business.  We’ll focus on customer research, how to build a business plan, basic budgeting, and what it takes to lead a team. The class will include fireside chats with leading entrepreneurs, breakout groups, and a business plan competition. Join us in further accelerating your business idea!

Prerequisite –
Hacking Entrepreneurship Core Class

Shark Tank-style Pitch Competition

The Challenge:

As a Hacking Entrepreneurship student, you’ll spend your weeks immersed in masterclasses, skill-building exercises, team activities, and 1:1 coaching designed to help you develop a unique business concept. In the final project, you’ll shine with knowledge and confidence as you pitch your idea to experienced investors, who will evaluate it based on product-market fit, team passion, and presentation quality.

The Prize:

  • Cash prize to invest in your startup
  • Hacking Entrepreneurship Award to add to your resume and applications

Hacking Entrepreneurship Fundamentals


Delivered by Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer Amy Wilkinson

  • One core concept per lecture
  • Interactive live-chat, group polls, real-time question & answer
  • Lectures with real-world examples everywhere


Interactive exercises led by Stanford students as teaching assistants

  • Participants meet in teams of 10 for skills exercises and hands-on work
  • Peer-to-peer feedback, building on each other’s ideas, and pitch preparation for the Shark Tank-style pitch.


Expert guidance from our teaching team consisting of Stanford alumni and current students

  • 1:1 coaching on entrepreneurial skills
  • Feedback on idea formation, business fundamentals, and pitches
  • Support through every step of building your idea


Conversations and insights with industry leaders

  • Learn how to build a business from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Interact with innovative business leaders and ask questions in real-time
  • Expand your professional network


Curriculum, workbook, and exercises based on Amy Wilkinson’s research conducted on today’s leading entrepreneurs


Pitch your unique idea to experienced investors in the final project

  • Pitch to experienced investors, who will evaluate based on set criteria
  • Win a cash prize to invest in your idea!


Students gain access to Hacking Entrepreneurship network and invites to insider events

  • Exclusive LinkedIn group of next-generation entrepreneurs
  • Active community of participants, guest speakers, and Stanford students and alumni
  • Monthly meetings with career advisors, college counselors, top entrepreneurs, and business executives

Spot Opportunities. Open Your Mind. Build A Business.

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